Creative, Prolific, Artists who will make you sing for joy, dance and sigh.
Just a sample of our Offshore musical talent is showcased here.

Our book includes a link to listen  while you read. Just open Spotify on your phone. Then click the search icon in Spotify to access the camera. Scan the barcode in side the book (or on the left below the album) to access
WAO Offshore Beats 

For the full list of Musicians featured on the playlist, visit "About Us"


Force of Nature by Trapazoid: Matt Trapnell  & Alby Gibson - Healey


Robbery by Lime Cordiale; Oliver & Louis Leimbach


Last Man Standing by Tina Harrod


Number One by Margaret Urlich


Heads or Tails by Remington Cooney


50 Years by The Uncanny X-men, Ron Thiessen


I know You by Jackie Marshall


The Sky is My Country Too by Susan Muranty


Power of your Love by Geoff Bullock