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The team behind the book

Juliette Robertson and Carol Floyd are long term residents of Scotland Island  and love the unique environment and the community which surrounds them.

In 2006, Juliette, together with Carol, and her husband Gordon Floyd, and journalists Edna Carew and John Hoffman, (also long term residents) , combined their professional skills and  set out to capture in print, the essence of what it's like to live an Offshore life -  where the only way to get home is by boat..

Over 50 residents of Scotland Island, and the western foreshores of Pittwater, enthusiastically submitted their true life,  funny, poignant stories, poems, photography and art and before long, Water Access Only - Volume 1 - Tales and Images from Pittwater was published. The book was a big hit, selling well over 1000 copies.

Fifteen years later, in 2021 with many new residents drawn to live an offshore lifestyle and the COVID lockdown (in its second year), forcing many residents to stay at home, dozens of enthusiastic requests from the community began to pour in for a second volume of the Anthology.

Juliette and Carol were joined by Jane Matthews to design the book and Jane Rich and Jane Morgan as sub editors.
Over 60 residents submitted short stories, poems, artwork, photography and the project was born.

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Publisher, Editor, Storyteller


Juliette was born in Sri Lanka, grew up in Adelaide, and has raised her family on Scotland Island over 20 years with her husband Guy. She works as an executive coach, mentor and trainer and enjoys adventure travel and writing, In 2002 she self-published Journeys, a Robertson/Marshall Anthology of Portraits and Memoirs of her extended family’s journey from Britain to Sri Lanka to Australia. She is the instigator of both Water Access Only community anthologies (2009 & 2021), which capture the essence of living an offshore lifestyle.

In 2017, Juliette self-published One Spanish Summer and other Stories from the Road, 26 true adventure stories of studying and living in Spain and travelling the globe during her 20s and 30s.

Those interested in being mentored to create their own memoir or family or community anthology should contact Juliette via:

Publisher, Editor, Storyteller


Carol Beth (CB) moved to Scotland Island in 2004 with her husband Gordon and two dogs. She soon discovered the rewards of offshore living: in the rich community life in a little house perched high in the spotted gum forest, and in her early morning commute by tinnie across the sparkling waters of Pittwater. She has been an author and book packager (The Sydney Opera House, 2000), a publisher, a TESOL teacher and an academic skills adviser, and was involved in the first Water Access Only volume. Now she is enjoying life without the obligations of
full-time work and is instead involved in many community and individual pursuits.

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Writer, Poet, Musician


Mary Pearson Andrew is a Pittwater-based musician and writer. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Western Michigan University. She was a member of the experimental electronic duo High Places (Thrill Jockey Records), and she currently works with the band Liars. Andrew performs solo under the moniker 33 and deejays as Mary33. Andrew’s work is often influenced by life at the doorstep of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park – from galah babies hatching in the front yard to anaphylactic reactions to tick bites. Andrew’s short story The Moving Line was shortlisted for the 2017 Pittwater Short Story Award.



Sue lives on Scotland Island with her two cavoodles, Mr Darcy and Miss Bronte. Sue started writing stories and poems in her childhood, inspired by moments on her family’s farm, escaping to a hayloft where she enjoyed reading Enid Blyton’s adventures and dreaming up stories of her own. In later life, Sue graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business IT. She holds a Diploma in Management and is a qualified Executive Coach. Sue’s career progressed across large IT multi- nationals into global senior management roles. She loves being a technology leader, driving enterprise transformation, innovation and the exciting opportunities she faces every day. Sue’s favourite pastimes are kayaking, boating, travelling, and volunteering with charities. Sue is grateful for her wonderful daughter, family and amazing friends.



Michelle Ball is an Australian contemporary artist known for her paintings based on themes of history and care for the Australian bush. Collaboration has been part of her work and she comments: “I see that we are all small parts of a whole, everyone in our community is part of a whole network. It is so wonderful to learn, share and support each other, and I am continually fascinated by the interesting people around me.” Since 2020 Ball has focused on the people and places immediately surrounding her, on the western foreshores of Pittwater.



Vanessa, Dom and Violet have lived full time on Scotland Island since 2019, building on a connection to the community through a holiday house that has been held in the family since the late 1960s. When not exploring the beautiful landscape of Pittwater, Vanessa and Dom both work in the charity sector helping children who are experiencing disadvantage

Published Author, Poet


John Bryson is the author of several books including Evil Angels, the documentary novel of the Azaria Chamberlain case, which became a Fred Schepisi film with Meryl Streep and Sam Neill. His essays and feature journalism appear in major newspapers and journals treating diverse topics, notably a Haitian coup, post-invasion Panama, the Dyak people, and the Sandinistas of Nicaragua. In 2000, a Schools of Journalism Panel included him in “The 100 Australian Journalists of the Century”. He was awarded an AM for service to Australian Literature.

Poet, Photographer, Musician


Geoff was raised on Sydney’s North Shore, schooled at the very proper and orthodox Knox Grammar, and, it seems to him, was always trying to find authenticity. He escaped Knox, worked as a printer, a council gardener, a bank clerk, and as a travelling rock musician dabbling in the late 1970s rock show of sex, drugs and rock and roll without the sex. He was a cameraman at Sydney’s ABC studios, then a songwriter and minister for what became a large Christian corporation, and then a solo artist trying to make sense of it all. He is now a husband, a father and a friend, having finally found himself happily married and loved here on this precious place, Scotland Island. For more of his poetic travels there is a blog that details his spiritual and relational struggles from 2006-2012. Have a look:

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Vivianne Byrne, is a retired teacher, is the granddaughter of Herbert and Florence Fitzpatrick who were early land developers in the Pittwater area. She holds a teaching degree from Macquarie University with a major in Australian History. She has a great love of Australian history and family genealogy which was passed down from her mother Elvina Holmes (née Fitzpatrick). Although her ancestors were unsuccessful in their endeavours (due to the Depression) she remains proud that they were innovative, hard workers who had a great dream for Pittwater to be a world-class location.



Emmie grew up visiting the family holiday home of Bangala as a child in the 70s and sailing on Pittwater, remembering the Island as an almost mythical place. After university (Archaeology /Fine Arts) and roving archaeological work around the world, she moved to her long-time home in 1993, concentrating on her own creative practice and raising Per, 29, Soren, 25, and Sascha, 15. A passion for the fragile environment and unique community of the Island led to further conservation studies and the development of school environmental art programs. Involved with arts education for 30 years, Emmie also conceives, collaborates on, produces and directs large-scale theatre / public and private arts events, including the Scotland Island festivals.

Professional Photographer / Filmmaker


Sam is a long-time island resident. Working as a cinematographer and photographer, he has had adventures around Australia and the world. When at home he enjoys shooting the local people and places around Pittwater. Samples of his local photos can be viewed on Instagram @samshootsthings. Photos are available for prints and he is open to new assignments. Contact him at or 0418 764 653.



Artist Owen Crick uses drawing, sculpture and printmaking to create representations of his environment. With his profession in decorative arts and historical restoration, his indigenous background and horticultural practices, Crick has a bowerbird-like tendency to collect discarded materials. These elements find new life in expressive sculptural forms. Crick’s recent body of work captures a fascination with dark and mysterious creatures of the deep. With gaping mouths, bulging eyes and dramatic shadows, these beings dive off the walls on which they hang. In contrast, audiences are drawn to appreciate the beautiful nature of the materials used … the delicate curve of a timber limb or the luscious blue/ green of oxidisation as it conquers copper metals.,

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Andrew (Cuts) is the current Captain of West Pittwater Rural Fire Brigade, a role he has held for the last seven years. When he is not involved with the RFS he works with disruptive technologies, and currently he is working with
lightweight solar films and sustainable modular housing. Previously, he had careers in banking, telecommunications, aviation and change management. Andrew also has a passion for yachting and when not with his family has been known to compete in Olympic and America’s Cup campaigns as well as various ocean races around the planet, because as Cuts would say, you are a long time dead.



Amber has a Diploma of Design and Illustration from Swinburne University in Melbourne. In the 1960s she worked in design studios in Melbourne and in the 1970s as an Animation Background Artist in London for four years. On returning to Australia, she worked in Sydney with animator and children’s book illustrator Gwyn Perkins and for 25 years with Yoram Gross Studios, painting backgrounds for children’s animated films. Since retiring, Amber designs posters and logos for friends and for the past two decades, she has painted on Saturdays with a group of lovely women on Scotland Island.



Penny is a local girl; she was born at Mona Vale Hospital, and went to school on the Northern Beaches. She moved to the offshore community in 1998, after travelling as well as completing a science degree with a double major in inorganic and physical chemistry (“Yep”, she says, “I’m a nerd”). She worked within the medical industry, doing research, manufacturing and QA before moving into the dreaded management for a multinational. After 15 years she saw the light, and no longer wanted to spend her life in an office, behind a keyboard, at the beck, call and whim of a multitude of masters. Her amazingly supportive and adventurous husband then decided to purchase the ferry service – and so began a new way of life...



Petra has lived on Scotland Island for 16 years. She was the President of the Management Committee for the Scotland Island kindy in 2007 and 2008, while holding down a job at a major Australian bank – the kindy was more challenging. She spends most of her time collecting water from the roof or bailing it out of boats.

Storyteller, Poet


Bill has a writing fetish and has been working towards a single publication for 45 years. He and his wife Cass have lived on the Island for 38 and 43 years respectively and for much of this time both have been very involved in Island community affairs. Over the past 15 years Bill and Cass have been house-sitters for a number of homes both on the Island and in the Bays. Often at the end of their stay Bill pens a poem for the returning occupants. One of these poems “The Houseboat” (literally built over the water) was when they looked after two old King Charles Spaniels (Billy and Scruffy) at the time that lovely home belonged to their good friends Deryn and George. The other home is Paul and Pamela’s wonderful Caloola in Elvina Bay (with the wonderful fire trail walk behind it). The other poems are … well … pretty self-explanatory.



Colin and his wife Rosemary Haskell were born in the UK, married in the West Indies, had two children, moved to Cyprus, returned to the UK and finally emigrated to Australia in 1979. In 1997 they decided to move back to the UK and bought a Georgian manor house in the Lake District. There they established Borwick Lodge Guest House, which they ran successfully for five years before returning to Australia in 2002. They moved to the island that year and opened Scotland Island Lodge B&B where they have lived happily for the past 19 years. Colin and Rosemary love Scotland Island and the wonderful community and intend to enjoy the rest of their lives, if possible, in this beautiful place.

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Ambrine says: “I’m Ambrine. I like dogs, climbing, dragons, heights, jumping off Carols Wharf, and reading. I live on Scotland Island, I’m twelve-years old, and I’m in year seven at Pittwater High. I’ve lived on the island for almost five years, and I love it here. There are dogs, trees, and friends. What’s not to love? I’m used to the dirt roads, the steep hills, the seclusion. It’s not that hard. We still have internet, after all. I share a house with my mum, dad, and little sister. I can bark just like a dog, drive a motorboat (to a degree) and climb super high. I go to school, do my chores, practice piano, and do homework. All in all, I reckon I’ve got a pretty good life. I wouldn’t change a thing.”



Peggy Havukainen has lived on Scotland Island for 28 years, and from her Watersedge studio works with sea glass collected from local beaches and on overseas expeditions to create unique, environmentally conscious jewellery. Her fascination with sea glass started during her childhood, collecting the intriguing gems from the shores of the east coast of the US, and developed further through many years sailing the oceans of the world and exploring the natural environment. The natural beauty of the northern beaches inspires her to design and create jewellery and artwork with sea glass that captures the essence of the sea, sand and weathered environment in which they are found. Her designs transform sea glass gems into earrings and necklaces using sterling silver and other works using driftwood.



When potter Mike Hall first took up ceramics, he was drawn to using local materials and began experimenting with the clay he dug up from under his house on the eastern side of Scotland Island. He now “rescues'' clay from building projects, which he soaks and pours through a series of fine-mesh sieves. Mike then makes wheel-thrown vessels and
functional ware, firing the iron-rich clay to 1,200 degrees centigrade in a homebuilt gas kiln. He glazes some of his work with wood ash saved from his fireplace. You can follow his work on



Alex is a landscape architect and a Jin Shin Jyutsu healing practitioner who currently lives in Church Point with her family. She went bushwalking in Lovett Bay as a teenager and the first sight of the angophora and spotted gum forest struck her as quite magical and has stayed in her memory ever since. Once this spell was cast, Alex moved to Mackeral with her husband when their children were very small; and again when they returned from bringing up their children in Margaret River, Western Australia, they chose to settle in Church Point. Such is the gentle power and unforgettable beauty of Pittwater.

Storyteller, Artist


Juliet is an Islander and loves it. She says she’s not a writer but she loves words, so she sees herself as a chance visitor to the lofty, glorious world of authorship. On Scotland Island, it takes at least a decade until you can truly call yourself an islander and so she qualifies, just. She sees words as being used daily to tell ourselves stories and to make sense of both the complex and the mundane, yet the inner monologue is far from the world of pen on paper. As an artist, her chosen form of storytelling is in paint on canvas, shaping ideas into colourful images, a sister to taking ideas and housing them within a kaleidoscope of words.



Robyn trained as a high school teacher in the 1960s and later became a public servant (NSW Ethnic Affairs Commission and the national Human Rights Commission). She has written many academic books and articles and several books on educating and raising her son with Fragile X Syndrome. Her commitment to equal rights, especially in relation to employment and social integration, has driven her approach to handling people with an intellectual disability. She served on the Board of the Fragile X Association of Australia for 17 years and was awarded an AM in 2020 for her service to people with an intellectual disability.

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Storyteller, Photographer


Kathleen is a retired editor and desktop publisher, and a writer of fiction, non-fiction and art reviews. Her published novel, Inlaws and Outlaws, is about teenage pregnancy and adoption in the 1960s and is based on her own experiences. Kathy has lived on the island with her partner Glenn and daughter Jessica since 1996. She feels privileged to live with the bay, the bush, the birds and wildlife here. And the friendly community, where she paints local landscapes, takes photos, sings in the On Quay choir, and shares her love of literature with her book group.



Beth lived on the island with her two children, Marcus and Milly, from 1986-1993. These were formative years, performing on stage, singing and building an events career that morphed into starting a publicity company. She was a contributing writer to the Two of Us column in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald 2005-2010 and has written for the Guardian. Three years ago she began writing poetry and is now performing at open mics around Sydney and regional writers’ festivals. Her work has been published in Australia Remade, and she won the Don Banks Poet of the Year in 2019.



After 10 years on the island, and 30 years in amateur theatre, Paul decided to combine these loves. So, in 2020 his production of The Tempest landed on island shores; drawing an appreciative crowd to Catherine Park, and planting the seed for an annual event, Shakespeare-on-Scotland Island. Paul’s latest production – Hamlet, in 2021 – drew a healthy, post-pandemic crowd. Paul’s piece for this volume is an account of that show.

Artist, Photographer


June is a photographer creating works inspired by the natural environment of Pittwater and her regular travels in Italy and beyond. She describes the process as “painting with pixels”. She loves colour and is fascinated by textures and nature’s patterns, so life on the seashore, or the reflections of light and shadow on water feature in her diverse portfolio. Scotland Island has been her home since 1976, and documenting island events is a continuing project. June is an active member of the offshore artists’ community and has been an organiser and participant in its many successful

shows, including in the Gone Fishing Gallery at Church Point (now sadly closed). Her creative work is available in limited edition fine art prints as well as in cards. Contact her at or



Peter is a resident of Scotland Island and has been an active member of the Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade for the past nine years. He has served as Brigade Captain since 2017. Like many members of the Brigade and the Rural Fire Service he was heavily involved in firefighting activities during the horrific Black Summer bushfires in 2019/20.

Artist, Published Author, Storyteller


Nettie Lodge is an artist and writer. She exhibits regularly in Sydney. Her most recent solo exhibition at the Manly Art Gallery and Museum was based on the poem “The Rime of The Ancient Mariner” by Coleridge. Her most recent children’s picture book, Tell Tails, will be published by Green Olive Press in 2021. Her children’s picture book Bird, published by ABC Books, won a Notable Book Merit at the Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards. She works in Sydney as a freelance illustrator and a part-time lecturer, and lives and paints in her studio on Scotland Island in Pittwater.

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Shane May has been a resident of Scotland Island since 2016. Whilst always having an interest in art, he has developed his love of photography over recent years in the process of trying to capture the magical views of Pittwater. He has a keen eye for landscapes and a passion for boats, both of which feature frequently in his work. Photography, sketching and other artistic pursuits are purely a hobby for Shane as he delights in living in this unique paradise.



Jess is a designer and singer who runs the local community choir, On Quay. When not singing she plays around with photography and art. She escaped from Newtown and has been living on the island since 2000, and loves the people, the trees, the bay and the wildlife. In her photography she is fascinated by light effects, especially on the water, and by views which lead the eye somewhere intriguing.



Fiona Meadows is an art director and artist with a country background; she is originally from Dungog in the Hunter Valley. She made the move to the Island with her husband and two children in 2011 and has called it home ever since.

 Book Designer, Photographer


As a young child Jane spent many summers exploring Little Lovett Bay and its surrounds when the family of five and often with extra's spent floating holidays on board their tiny yacht. When she moved to the Island in 2004, it felt like home and now she couldn't imagine living anywhere else! She is a graphic designer, starting her career in advertising and film but has been working for herself for the last 20 years. Work has always been through word of mouth and she's probably the only designer she knows who doesn't have a website and whose husband is a printer but does not have a business card. oops! You can contact her at or

Book Editor, Storyteller


Jane Morgan has lived on Scotland Island for over 40 years and, with her husband, has raised two children there. These days they welcome their grandchildren for holidays. Her career has included book editing, catering, hosting foreign and local students, and studying Italian language and literature. Above all, she has been a part of this close community set among spotted gums and casuarinas, and subject to the tides and winds that rule the stretch of water everyone crosses to reach the mainland. It is home in all its senses.



Roz Noble lived in the offshore community for over five years and during that time worked as a deckhand on the school ferry run. She moved from Lovett Bay to Neutral Bay and continues her close involvement with Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, which supports street kids and kids in crisis in Vietnam, and rescues and provides long-term support to Vietnamese women and girls who have been victims of human trafficking. Their fight to end human trafficking in Vietnam continues.

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Professional Photographer


Shane moved to the Island with his partner, Natalie and his children, Finn, Maya and Luka in August 2016. A professional photographer, originally from Ireland, he moved to Australia in 1988. His hobby, fed by an artistic family history, became a passion and a lifelong profession. Shane now has over 25 years’ experience and a reputation that precedes him.
A love of people, of natural light, and the simple beauty of the everyday combined with his personable and enthusiastic approach drive Shane’s career and the success of his business today.

Illustrator, Published Author


Gwyn Perkins is an author/illustrator of children’s literature. His A Walk in the Bush (Affirm Press) was 2018 Australian Picture Book of the Year.




Paul Purvis purchased a home on Florence Terrace as a weekender in 1978. The six members of his family spent many years enjoying Scotland Island life and eventually he decided to live permanently in this perfect paradise. The kids moved on to greater things, as they do, and Paul moved into a home in Elvina Bay. His retirement years are now spent with the beautiful Pamela in splendid isolation either in the Bay or in Fiji. A wonderful life. Nearly all his personal friends are ‘offshores’ and he feels privileged to be part of the best community in the country.

Book Editor, Storyteller


Since coming to live permanently on Scotland Island in 2012, Jane Rich has put her years as a journalist to further use, tapping into the rich vein of local knowledge in answer to the “Who, what and whys” of her craft. Waking to every new day, she is very happy she chose Scotland Island as her retirement home and relishes the opportunities that come her way, which have included two years as Hall manager on SIRA.



Annette has lived on Scotland Island for 25 years. When asked “Why did you come to live here?” her answer is always, LOVE. The LOVE was, of course, Paul Burchall, a famous Island personality. Unfortunately, Paul left us a few years ago. Annette remains very active in the community. Her interests have included the Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade, where she has acted as Social Secretary and Station Officer, Woody Point Yacht Club, as a committee member, and the Tennis Users Group (TUG), where she is administrator. She has also played an active role in the island’s numerous festivals over the years. Annette has loved being part of this community but feels it is time now to move on. To where? Time will tell!

Published Writer


Angie Robertson, aged 83, lives in Adelaide and has visited her daughter on Scotland Island many times. After retirement, Angie taught creative writing for 20 years and led the Henley Scribblers to publish a dozen anthologies of short stories and poems. In 2013, aged 75, she self-published her memoirs and poems entitled The Triumph of Being: reflections of her life growing up in Sri Lanka, raising a family in Australia and travelling the world with her husband Rex. Angie says of her life: “Downhill with no load. I’m enjoying the ride.”

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Jordon Robertson-Towner is a Scotland Island resident and has been taking photos and making videos and films since he got his first camera at 12 years old in 2014. Now in his early twenties with film school behind him, Jordon continues to make films and do photography as both a hobby and work, doing several freelance jobs, and hopes to go on to work in theatrical filmmaking in the future. (Photography & Media).



Carla was born in 1964 in Sydney, and raised in the western suburbs. At 15 years Carla commenced an apprenticeship as a typesetter and in her second year met journalist Tim Byrne. Carla married Tim in 1987 and moved to Scotland Island in 1993 with son Josh three years; daughter Angela 18 months. Carla was six months pregnant with third child Lauren. The family enjoyed the community spirit and many social gatherings on Scotland Island for 18 years. Carla has re-located to Sunshine Coast, Queensland, is currently working as an Assistant in Nursing for the aged.

Storytellers, Photographers


Cathy, Peter, Jess and Ben have lived on Scotland Island since 2005 when they accidentally stumbled across the island as part of their search for a tree change. Once settled, the beauty of their surrounds, a growing connection with nature and fun times with newfound friends inspired them to capture the special and everyday moments on film. Many years later they still rush to photograph unusual light, amazing weather fronts and glorious sunsets. Both Cathy and Peter are fortunate to work their businesses from their home office: Cathy designs corporate training and Peter leads businesses focused on supporting the Australian tourism industry.



Paul Smith is a practicing artist/master printmaker who lived and worked on Scotland Island for over 35 years. Paul has had several exhibitions of both his own work and his collaborations with many other artists, including Tim Storrier, Euan Macleod, Arthur Boyd, and Margaret Olley. Paul also creates his own paintings combining paint with the use of the woodblock technique. This gives the paintings a unique three-dimensional look and feel. His studio was waterside on Scotland Island, Pittwater. In the paintings the subtle depths of the water reflects a kaleidoscope of the world around us. In a single glance, water absorbs a multiple of planes, light, shadow and colour.



Tracy has lived, worked, painted, wrote and played on Scotland Island for over 35 years. In that time, she brought up her two beautiful children and participated in many of the Island art events as well as having her own solo exhibitions and exhibiting in prestigious shows such as the Salon Des Refuses, and in the Parliament House Plein Air Prize. She also won the Fleurieu Peninsular Landscape Award. Her work is about the subjective reinterpretation of the Pittwater, where perception through existence, can be found. Each image represents a discourse for further contemplation, fleeting thoughts and memories of time, aesthetics and the spiritual.



Bianca Spears is a snap-happy local who loves capturing the beauty in everyday life.

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Storyteller, Photographer


Antonia has been a resident of Scotland Island since 2017 after moving here from the Blue Mountains with her husband. They were drawn by the sense of community and a living environment that is both challenging at times and very unspoilt in its beauty. They find the unpaved roads, natural bush and slower pace are a haven in this maddening world. Antonia feels fortunate to work part time now and enjoy her little sanctuary through being involved in the island’s community events, which has given her an outlet for her cooking, fabric and paper obsessions/hobbies that she always wished she had more time for.



Alana Taylor has been an islander on and off (mostly on) since 1982. The island will always be home to her no matter how many times she leaves. Writing has always been a part of her life (in work mostly and partly on social media, and in travel emails home). Fortunately, her stories have improved since childhood where once she became bored with writing about characters who would die suddenly and that would be the end! Written words are the best way to make an impact on people and she plans to do that long into the future. Online social media which links to her work is:



John first set foot on the island 40 years ago and bought a vacant block a short while later. Somehow it seemed like home from day one. The rest is history. His intention is to leave in a box.



Tim Turpin is a retired academic with a background in sociology and anthropology. He has a diverse work history, including positions in farming, building, small business, multinationals, government and universities. His more recent academic work has been concerned with managing the relationship between science, technology, social change and development across a wide range of nations and organisations. Tim’s usual publications consist of research articles, academic reviews and monographs. Preparing the present work was, for him, a welcome change. He has lived permanently on Scotland Island since 2005, enjoying the environmental and social experiences Pittwater offers.

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Published Author, Storyteller


Juliet Wills has choppered into crocodile breeding grounds, been chased by rioting armed gangs, and jumped out of a plane. Born in Sydney, Juliet has lived and worked throughout Australia. She has been awarded for her Excellence in Television Journalism, written for major newspapers, and lectured in broadcast journalism at two universities. Her first book, The Diamond Dakota, was published by Allen and Unwin in 2006. Her second book, Dirty Girl: The State Sanctioned Murder of Brothel Madam Shirley Finn, was published in 2014, resulting in an inquest into the unsolved murder. She has found sanctuary on Scotland Island and now works in real estate on the northern beaches.



First coming to the Island in 1979 with her family to what was their holiday home, Penny now lives here full time. Since retiring from a working life in television, advertising and then tourism, Penny is thankful to have escaped corporate life and to be able to now enjoy this unique creative community, although she continues to keep in touch with city life by working as a guide at the MCA. Over the years she has contributed to Island art shows, helped with hazard reduction burns with the RFS, joined book, garden, swimming and walking groups, and made friends from all walks of life. What a magic place.

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Mary Pearson Andrew is a Pittwater-based musician and writer. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Western Michigan University. She was a member of the experimental electronic duo High Places (Thrill Jockey Records), and she currently works with the band Liars. Andrew performs solo under the moniker 33 and deejays as Mary33. Andrew’s work is often influenced by life at the doorstep of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park – from galah babies hatching in the front yard to anaphylactic reactions to tick bites. Andrew’s short story The Moving Line was shortlisted for the 2017 Pittwater Short Story Award.


Claire Atkins is a multi-disciplinary artist based in the Northern Rivers who was an integral part of the Scotland Island community from 2001-2010. Although formally trained in visual arts, these days she is more involved in performing arts. Claire’s acting highlights include Shit by Patricia Cornelius, Eden for Stan Originals and Deadlock for ABC TV. In 2020 she released her debut EP, Eternal Return, with producer Paul Pilsneniks (Angus & Julia Stone, Powderfinger, Silverchair). Claire is currently collaborating with Lismore-based theatre company NORPA on an original work scheduled for production in 2022.


John Brownrigg lives on Scotland Island. He loves the blues, the sixties British beat bands, the Beatles, and the Stones – and it shows. John (JB) and David Richards (Dr JaVoo) have performed ‘live’ on Facebook to entertain local residents during Covid. They have also performed at the Waterfront café, the Hawkesbury Paddle-wheeler, and the Paradise Cafe. Together with trio partner Tim Byrne they become the Righteous Triangle show, presenting non-stop music from the great soul ballads of Otis Redding and Wilson Picket to the grooves of the Temptations and Smokey Robinson. 


Geoff was raised on Sydney’s North Shore, schooled at the very proper and orthodox Knox Grammar, and, it seems to him, was always trying to find authenticity. He escaped Knox, worked as a printer, a council gardener, a bank clerk, and as a travelling rock musician dabbling in the late 1970s rock show of sex, drugs and rock and roll without the sex. He was a cameraman at Sydney’s ABC studios, then a songwriter and minister for what became a large Christian corporation, and then a solo artist trying to make sense of it all. He is now a husband, a father and a friend, having finally found himself happily married and loved here on this precious place, Scotland Island. For more of his poetic travels there is a blog that details his spiritual and relational struggles from 2006-2012. Have a look:


Remington Cooney is a university lecturer, part-time singer-songwriter and folk-rock musician. Originally from Adelaide, Remington grew up in Singapore then travelled the world in his 20s, living in Canada, Japan and Malaysia. He now lives in Bali. Throughout his travels, Remington's closest companion was always his guitar. Inspired by a life of adventure, love, and heartbreak, Remington has penned over 30 folk tunes, some of which are on the WAO Offshore Beats Spotify playlist. When visiting family in Elvina Bay, Remington jams with the local musicians either at the Waterfront Cafe, or at an impromptu Bay soiree.


Tina Harrod was born in New Zealand with Fijian and Welsh heritage and is a multi-award-winning Australian recording artist. Tina’s five solo albums have all received high critical acclaim. Here’s what SMH Music Writer Bernard

Zuel said about her latest album City of Longing, released in 2018: “... this album finds Harrod exploring every corner of and beyond Soul/R&B, her connection to them operating in such a freewheeling way that stylistic differences disappear and a personal vision emerges ...” Tina moved to Scotland Island in 2012 and in 2014 started the Co-Op Club with fellow islander Chuck Bradley.

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Lime Cordiale

Oliver and Louis Leimbach are Lime Cordiale, brothers who’s musical quirkiness comes from living on the top of Scotland Island as young boys when their mum would lug her cello up and down the hill and the piano was always played. They’d jetty jump, yabby pump or search for treasure with friends. Lime Cordiale filmed their music video Sleeping At Your Door on a barge in front of Cargo Wharf and have released two albums and four EPs and there is a third album underway.

In 2020 they won an ARIA for Breakthrough Artist and Triple J’s Artist of the Year.


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Jackie Marshall is an Australian recording artist who lived on Scotland Island from 2011 - 2013, writing a number of songs during that time which appear on her critically acclaimed album Lilith Shrugs, released in 2018. Jackie fondly remembers her time on the Island; she loved jamming with Chuck, Dave, and Matt, performing at fireshed dinners, and providing musical education to a number of the island's younger inhabitants. Her song Little Birds was written for some of her regular after-school musical charges; Oh My Baby was written for her son who was born to the Island late in 2011.


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Susan Muranty brought her boat-mad teenage son Jack to the Island and raised him there like a “modern-day Huck Finn”, discovering a musical and artistic community in the process. Writing, singing, and making music videos, she set out on a path of artistic self-discovery. Her latest single, Stop Time with a Kiss, debuted at number one on the Australian iTunes Singer-songwriter chart, and she was nominated in the 2021 Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Susan’s unique brand of spirituality, playfulness and lyrical beauty has given her a voice with music lovers from Sydney to LA. She is a three times category winner of the UK Songwriting Contest and this year won the Spiritual category of the Australian Songwriting Association contest. Susan plans to release an album of new songs in 2022.


Uncanny X Men

Ron Thiessen started messing around with guitars after his grandmother let him hold his grandfather’s acoustic, an old Martin which she kept on top of her wardrobe. In his teens Ron met Brian Mannix and they wrote songs together. Fast forward to the 80s and their band The Uncanny X-men were signed to Mushroom records. The album Cos Life Hurts achieved gold and platinum sales. These days Ron lives in Elvina Bay and has been fortunate to play with local musicians and be involved in musical projects. He continues to be amazed at the level and range of talent that surrounds him.

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Matthew Trapnell (Trapazoid) is a musician, producer and performer from the creative breeding ground of Scotland Island. Growing up in this artistic community, the natural beauty of the ocean, the national parks and the untamed open sea and landscapes have all helped shape his sound. Matt’s songs have been on Triple J’s Hottest 100. He has played at the Byron Bay Bluesfest, and written and recorded sound tracks for Quicksilver surfing movies, and collaborated on multiple albums with various professional musicians. In Trapazoid he is joined by local talents such as Lucy Barber, Nic Andersen, Izzy Moodie, Alby Gibson-Healey and Frank Brownrigg. Visit for more … cheers for your


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Margaret Urlich is an ARIA Award-winning New Zealand musician who was a much-loved resident of the Scotland Island community in the 1990s when she generously shared her talent, often performing at local community events. She was given an ARIA Award in 1991, when her first solo album, Safety in Numbers, won Breakthrough Artist – Album. Because of the success of her next album, Chameleon Dreams, (1992) she was named Best Selling New Zealand Artist of the Year. She has sold over 400,000 albums and has won numerous awards.

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